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November 8th, 2005

04:53 pm - In a Shenmood...
Not Shenmue, y0. Though that'd be acceptable, too.

I'm going to go write silly sappy poetry. Didn't know I was capable of it? Hah!

Jake makes me giggle. A choice gem from him: one time a mormon missionary told me i shouldn't drink tea because it stains my insides brown

Recipe for Zeromancer:
1 part cool name
3 parts Slipknot
1 part Linkin Park
2 parts Vertical Horizon

Shake well and garnish generously with cheese and angsty Germanpeople.

Not much going on. I learned I can hallucinate little purple men yesterday!


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October 30th, 2005

04:33 pm - Happy No-Pants-Day!
Which I sort of failed at, since I'm wearing pants.. but they're broken, so do they count?

I saw Rocky Horror live on Friday night, and that was AWESOME. Kekeke. I had funny dreams about monks (not yours, Amalia-poo) in drag after that. It was good. I did, however, forget my ticket and have to go running back for it, only to realise upon my re-entry that they weren't taking them anyhow. Bah.

I had the good sense not to confess to being a virgin, since I didn't want to get pistol-whipped by a strap-on. ::le shudder:: I was also very proud of myself, since the guy playing Rocky grabbed my butt on the way out (he did it to every third person; I'm not special XD) and I didn't deck him. Yay!

New bands? Shpongle and Burnt Umber. Wolfsheim is my current obsession, despite being fairly old hat for me. Download 'Care for Me', or ask me for it. It is TEH HEART.

I missed P-Chan this weekend, which made me sad, but I believe she was spending time with her Da, so that was good. Been doing a lot of drawing lately, and it seems I may get my hands on a scanner after all!

Speaking of drawing, I went to the school's art museum today and checked out the 'Worlds of Japan' exhibit along with my RA and a few others from the hall. Being Hairball in a new place, I (of course) got lost and ended up just going back by myself to find the others had already returned, but it was a pleasant experience, overall. I'd missed art galleries. I also miss the Opera, but I'm planning on tickets--NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

My art's been going through a midlife crisis. Time was, I wanted to have huuuuge eyes and shiny hair and sparklies all over my drawings, but now I find that's not what I'm aiming for anymore. I want something different, now. The best compliment I've gotten this year is when someone (Korrypoo!) told me my style was the most genderless he'd ever seen. I guess I'm moving towards an entirely genderless outlook on life. That would be amusing, kekeke.

Maplestory's doing some cute stuff for Halloween. X3

So is our hall, in fact. A lot of kids from the area will be coming in tomorrow for trick-or-treating--I can't remember if I posted about this already or not, blast it--and I'm just going to eat all the candy. XD I know I will, so I won't feel too badly about it.

Awww, Mandypants is gone this weekend. That makes me sad.

I found some random guy's clothes outside our hall door today. Like, undies, pants, and shirt. And socks. It was bizarre. Rachel says she saw this d00d leave them. Straaaaaange.

My roommate brought a boy home last night to hang out. I handled it okay, so I'm proud of myself for that, too. I'm DOUBLY proud of myself, since I've been out of Buproprion since Wednesday. XD Not good? Meh. Anyhow, he was a nice fellow. I guess. He left at 01h00, and we went to bed, only to stay up talking about warts and nasal cauterisation (I ALWAYS type 'castration'. You can't castrate your nose).


Fire Emblem 0wnz my life. But we all knew that, anyhow. I'll try to get some pictures of my Halloween costume up... No, I'm not going to be Florina after all. ~_^ It's a secret. Fwahahahahahaha!!


Vyrr Lode says: No-Pants-Day for baby Jesus harp seals!

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October 23rd, 2005

05:58 pm - Aha... Anybody out there?
Aha. Hello. It's me. Update? Uh, okay...

This is for Amalia, the pest. XP I loves you, Juan Valentino Rrrrrrrrrrramon!

Welcome to Hairball's College Update!

Well, I've been here for a month, and already we're considering sending me home! Repeats of Emma, anyone? Boo, I say.

Yeah, well, in general, it's pretty interesting. I'm taking Astronomy 121 and 122, and History 101 this term... There are four ten-week terms each year. You should plan on taking forty-five credits each year, and I entered school with thirty-six already done, thanks to the APs. But still... yeah. Things aren't so good. I've been to the ER twice in the time I've been here, and apparently, University Housing doesn't like that--which, of course, I can understand, but... I'd hate to get sent home after paying a year's worth of tuition, housing, and scholastic fees. Especially after being sent to the ER twice and racking up THOSE bills. Argh. I'm very annoyed with my diseased brain matter.

Well, other than that... I've made some friends, I guess. There's Kat, who spends most of her/my time in my room (which, amazingly, is fine by me). She's a junior; Art History major, and her dream in life is to become what she calls a Slide Troll at the library. My roommate's name is Alyssa, and she's pretty in pink to my sulky in black, but we get along well. We went out to lunch today. Mandy and Natalie across the hall and don't get on, but I like them both. I think I've seen Natalie sober maybe three times since I got here, and Mandy's a good little Christian girl who really likes to get it on with her boyfriend (I hear about this frequently). Nevertheless, she's fun to hang out with. We went and saw Wallace and Grommit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit yesterday. That was pretty awesome. I had a good time. XD

I also bought Rhapsody during my time here, a fairly rare Atlas RPG that is, in all probability, the stupidest thing I may ever play. It's amazingly dumb, but very entertaining all the same.

I beat Fire Emblem 8, which made me sad/mad, because stupid Natasha ended up marrying Joshua AND HE'S MINE, BLAST YOU WOMAN!! Next time I'm going to go for his ending with Gerik, since he presumably won't get married to a fellow male type. Grr. I also got depressed with Caellach and Joshua fought, since they were friends and then meh Joshipoo had to kill Caellach! It was soooo sad. Waah.

......Stoopid Natasha......

What else? Well, the food's pretty good, I guess. I'm having boy trouble. They won't leave me alone. HELP ME. NOTHING WORKS. Well, I'm just following everyone's advice, and sooner or later they'll get the message and go away. Oh, well.

I had a bizarre dream the other night where Carrion and Udara eloped. XD Guess Hairballsara lives on in me brain? Waah, I miss Sara. I hardly ever see her these days, and I get the feeling I've sorta dropped in importance. Well, that's just part of growing up, but that doesn't mean I can't be sad about it. Pfoo. I hate getting older. XD Down with ageing!

I cannot, sadly, remember how to spell aging. Ageing? I can spell antidisestablishmentarianism without spell-checker, but... Oh, well.


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July 20th, 2005

01:34 pm - Of roses and sunnybeams and injured kitties...
I have a sunbeam and roses dress! I got it in Old Forge... <3.

Andy's hogging my PSX. MY PSX.

X3 Little Moose was AWESOME. No bugs, except for horse/deerflies (le ick), and those were pretty bad, but they're big and noisy and easy to avoid. Wow. It was great to see Aunt June and Uncle Tom (for some reason, I always want to call the Aunt Tom and Uncle June... Who's the man in the relationship, anyhow? XD) and the kids. They've got a new addition now--a just BARELY two-year-old named Nathan who is as cute as a button. He seriously looks like Zhao at two (well, with short hair): little tow head, big blue eyes, cute button nose, chubby little legs and arms, tiny hands... Awwww. But he's noisy as all Hell and has an AD* so he kept calling everyone/thing 'Ma-ma'. He's also got delayed speech, so he basically says 'noo-noos' (noodles), 'ba-ba' (bottle), 'wa-wa' (guess), 'da-da', 'bee' (which means any insect, good or bad), 'no!' (duh. He's two.), and various gurgling noises that June can decipher as either 'habee' (ice cream?) or 'abee' (airplane?).

When we got off the plane coming over, I had the worst day of my life. First, we had to rent an SUV. Then, Dad got lost thrice on the way to Old Forge, so instead of passing through Utica, we ended up in Herkimer (spelling?) and had to go to Wall-Mart. Ugh. And WORST OF ALL, we had to eat at McDonald's for dinner, since we were lost and hungry and tired. Plus, I was spazzing out from taking my meds too far apart. Whatever.

I kept a picture-journal... I'll scan it all eventually, but for now I'll just copy down the squibs I wrote.

30.VI.05 - We arrive at the Adirondacks late at night and unpack. The rooms are beautifully cleaned up. It's hot, so we go right to bed. Besides, I don't feel well.
1.VII.05 - I woke up very tired today, partially from jet lag and partially because bats kept me up. It cooled down to a reasonable temperature during the night, thankfully. We went into town and got groceries. After lunch, we took a little walk to Sandy Beach. It thundered and poured...
2.VII.05 - Last night a panel fell out of the window in my room [on the third floor]. Because of this, the howling and freezing wind chilled my sleep [Oh, Hairball, you poetic cad]. Today, we went into town, and I learned how to glaze a window... I'm pretty good with a caulking gun. (When they don't ooze.) I rowed Mom and Grambrownie around the lake before supper. No fish were biting, but I did have a good time with Mom.
3.VII.05 - It's the Eve of Shen and Alaedon's anniversary [you know me, guys. XD]. I was awakened today at 10h00 and left immediately for a buggy hike... We later suffered through an excruciationgly cold swim and snappish remarks at dinner.
4.VII.05 - Today being the Fourth of July, we had a hotdog barbecue on the Point. Unfortunately(?) it was just Dad, Andy, and me, since Mom had to take Grambrownie to the hospital after she fell and injured her face. She seemed subdued and shaken. After a swim (buggy) and dinner, we went out to the apron and lit sparklers. We were unexpectedly treated to a display over the mountaintops coming from Old Forge. It was also buggy.
5.VII.05 - I awoke this morning to pouring skies and awful nightmares. Dad made very good scrambled eggs ,and after breakfast he and I went out to buy things. It's been very thundery lately. I took a nap after lunch and woke up insane. I did a stint cleaning windows in the Bay Camp, but (sadly), what really calmed me down was my Gameboy.
6.VII.05 - I awoke early and spent the first half of the day cleaning... We also went to the store and met a sweet dog. Dad and I did more caulking. Later, June and the kids arrived. I took them to Sandy Beach...
7.VII.05 - Though I awoke feeling ill, I managed 2 rows in the Church Boat today and made cookies... I had no cinnamon, so I used nutmeg. They're delicious [so hah!]. The children are taxing, but mean well. Nathan is simply adorable. I enjoy my time with them, but they do wear me out.
8.VII.05 - We FINALLY got to Panther Lake. I rowed over with the children (who got bored quickly) and Andy in tandem. I then hauled the boat out of the weeds and rowed him and Grambrownie around Panther Lake in the rain... We caught nothing, but I untangled Andy's line. Thrice. Later I made Secret Moose Cookies, and had a good time with June. (I also went into town) I think June must have had FIVE margaritas...
9.VII.05 - After a frenzied clean-up this morning, we departed for Aunt Bella's. Along the way, we stopped at an EXTREMELY slow restaurant. I spelt most of the rest of the way... I'm stuck in FireEmblem: Sacred Stones. Aunt Bella has such a beautiful old house. Chloe [her dog] is still as sweet as ever (I miss Tarapuss!), and Diane [live-in nurse] is still talkative. I do wish we didn't have to watch so much TV, though. She loves to watch me draw.
10.VII.05 - There was a red sickle moon tonight. I didn't want to leave Aunt Bella--she looked so sad. We had a very nice visit, and a nice drive back. I'm not sure about these Hart types [my distant relatives who invaded the camp]--they don't seem to like me much. Oh, well. I felt terrible when I made Willa [Hart baby] cry. I also took Gus [second cousin twice removed] and the kids fishing in the Church Boat.
11.VII.05 - I went to town with Ben Pope and talked about rednecks this morning. After a long delay, we left for Green Lake... I rode with June and Nathan and fell asleep immediately upon arrival. I feel insane. The children are so loud... Nathan seems rather spoilt. I don't have much to say... It's so hot.
13.VII.05 - I see I missed yesterday. Nothing much happened, except for a miserably buggy hike and a bout of insanity. (I fell in the lake at 02h00) At any rate, we struck camp, riding out illegal-immigrant-style in the back of Tom's truck. After a revitalising shower, I powered through some laundry and attended a picnic on the Point. I was touched when Jonathan confided in me.
14.VII.05 - Today was our last day and our last night. I helped June out, bought a sundress [my roses and sunbeams dress!], and rowed over and back from the Club. Such a lot of children [including the Hart kids]... The Harts made dinner for all of us. Andy ate a HUGE amount of spaghetti (really linguine). Sarah had a good talk with us [she's NUTS]....

The end! Don't expect you guys to read that all, but if you're interested, have a look.

One other announcement... I, Hairball the Great, have offically become a working-class citizen. Yes, I'm looking for a job and should hear back soon from a few places. I feel so... so... dirty... XD Whatever. At any rate, I'm back! And I'll start responding again to journal entries. Later, all.



*Attachment Disorder

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June 15th, 2005

10:23 am - Mah mah mah...!
I'm into making nonsensical sounds right now. It drives my little brother crazy. 'Stop trying to be cute!' he says.

'Mah, mah!' I say.

And no, that doesn't mean 'Mama'. It means 'mah mah!'

I felt like updating, but now I realise I've got nothing much to say/complain about.

Mrr... I've gone into random depression mode since P-Chan disappeared, but I feel a little silly because I still haven't called her. I've been drawing... Joo, I'll start working on the Fayliss picture once I decide whether I'll finish the Vyrr Logos picture or not. (Joo probably won't see this, since she NEVER UPDATES *coughcough*) Yes, that's right. It's not good enough for me that you update DA regularly again, now you must update this, too! >:F Rawr.

Oh, God, I've started using emoticons. But only the ones I think up.


Well, I'm going to go live with Nina this weekend! X3 It'll be so... relaxing. My mother's really being snippity right now, and when I call her on it, the conversation goes something like:

'Always have to make me the bad guy, don't you?'

'I'm just saying you should maybe relax a bit.'

'That's no way to talk to your mother!'


Playing Tactics Ogre right now. Whee-hah! I love my Ninja. Too bad she's really weak. XD I've been spending a lot of time with me dog lately, post-bath. She's much fluffier and pettable. I loves j00, Tarapuss!

La la, still need to find a job... <---not looking


Ooh, I got the next three volumes of One Piece. I like how it's got the over-the-top fight scenes of Dragonball minus the four-page charge times and endless screaming. It's enjoyably silly. It's also my guilty pleasure... I have no need for serious manga! I have pirates! ...Which brings me to another topic. I really DON'T want to publish any of my stories in manga form, because of what happened to things like Naruto and Gundam. I don't think I could stand to have slash written/drawn about any of my characters. If a guy's straight, for God's sake, let him STAY straight! (This message brought to you by recent activity on DA...)

Aww, Tara's drinking! That's so cuuuute.

Right-o! Off to take a shower and wash my hair. I made the mistake of thinking smoking canola oil was water, last night, so I took a deep lungful. I think I'm going to get tuberculosis and die. But for now, I'll settle for getting the oil out of my hair.


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June 7th, 2005

01:46 pm - For Great Justice!
They keep calling. I'm at my wit's end. It's come to the point that the hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention whenever the cell phone rings.

You see, I'm the target of harrassing calls. From...vampires.

How do I know they're vampires? First, their calls always show up as "Caller ID Unavailable". That's a telltale sign: A vampire's number is never reflected in the caller ID window. Second, I have no will to resist them. I know who's calling, and I try not to answer, but the siren song of the cell phone bends my will. Third (and this is the creepiest part), they tell me what they are. Before I can say anything more than "hello", they announce proudly that they're affiliated with this cult called "The Blood Center". Their allegiance to the Dark Lord couldn't be clearer if they had business cards. Fourth, they demand my blood. We're down to a four-day supply, sir, and we could sure use a fresh steaming pint from those plump veins of yours.

I try to maintain my cool, think up some good excuse. "I'm sorry, but you can't have any of my blood. I'm...out."

"You're...out, sir?"

"Yep, fresh out. Gave my last three pints to some neighbors down the way who practice Santaria."

"Sir, if you didn't have any blood...you'd be dead."

AND WOULDN'T THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY?!? I nearly scream - but common sense returns, and I preserve my composure. "Look, I'm very busy, can't this wait until next month?"

"There are people who need your blood now, sir. Please, think about them. Think about the children."

AAAAHH! Now they're playing the child card, the foul bastards. What, are they going to come for the blood of my kids if I don't let them tap into my veins? Is there no code of honor amongst these people??

"Well, sir? Can I schedule an appointment for you? We can do it downtown, or at your place of business."

My mouth goes dry, hands go clammy. I picture a half-dozen black-jacketed punks giving me a quick "love bite" and then leaving me for dead in the middle of the lobby.

"I...ummm...I...No hablo Inglais!" And I hang up.

I'm safe...for now. But they'll call back again, with their slick voices and veiled threats against the young. So here I sit, preparing my next line of defense - weaving garlic necklaces, fashioning wooden stakes out of the furniture, watching Season 2 of Buffy. Perhaps while I'm at it, I'll order some holy water from the Vatican, and leave my cell phone to soak in it overnight. That should put an end to those vampire calls in a damn hurry.

Silly Red Cross!

^From Star's subbie

Juan Valentino Rrrramon wanted me to put it up here. X3 Silly Star!


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June 6th, 2005

06:35 pm - Annoyance? o_O;
I can't believe I'm actually started to get annoyed at my best friend. ^_^; I should at least CALL her before I do that... But really, where are you, honey? ^_^; I miss you like the Dickens!

I'm a graduate! And I've been so scarce these past few days because Mr Y caught AIDS and went down in flames. I only just finished reconstructing his intestines a few minutes ago. And I have yet to get rid of this stupid 'Celes' thing. Grawrawr.






XD Yeeeah, I've picked up FFIX. I named Vivi 'Idhren', 'cause he so totally acts like him. He's SO CUTE!!!! AIEEEEEH!!!

My favourite part so far has to be when you just get Eiko, and Zidane is talking to Vivi (Vivers?), and he's like, 'Doesn't it feel great to just let yourself go under the stars?' Yeah, I'm immature, but it's so funny. XD My other favourite part is at the waaaaay beginning when he's jumping rope. AIEEEH WANT TEH VIVIBABIES

We just got FE: The Sacred Stones!! So excited! Now I get to play with MORE gorgeous people with awesome hair. <333 I should live in the FE world. (Moohaha) I mean, I've got the hair. And the, uh, quirkiness. Plus, I'm androgynous! (Sorta) Waah...

I must say. I adore Assemblage 23. Almost as much as VNV Nation. But if you're going to buy an A23 CD, get 'storm'. It's the best I've heard so far (I just got 'contempt', and it's not really that great... meh.) And get 'Futureperfect' of VNVN's stuff. Sooo yummy.

I've started calling my doggie Puss-puss. Isn't that sad; when all I can post about is what I call my dog?

We're going up to see John Wednesday through Friday! YAY!!!


I was so relieved when they called my name. I was afraid someone was going to charge out at the last minute and say, 'No, we can't pass her! She's got 12% in Government AP!' But nothing happened, thank God. When I got up there, I handed the superintendent or whatever she was the decapitated rose head I'd snuck up. She looked at it, kinda bug-eyed, and said, '...Uh.'

'It's for you.'


So I held it out in front of her until she realised that I wasn't going to move and I was holding up the line. Then she stuck it inside her shirt, handed me the diploma, and sent me off. On my way down from the podium I went, 'awwwwwWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!' and did the fist-punchage. Maureen was proud.

Grad Night!! Grad night was AWESOME. We went down to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and EVERYTHING was free. Plus, it was only BHS! Some highlights...

Rick was my screech buddy. He got to hear me yelling, 'myyyyYYYYYYY OOOOOVARRRIEEeeeessss....!!!!' on every turn of the roller-coasters...

I adopted Froederich I, who was popped by Jared. Then I adopted Froederich II, who lived up to his predecessor's name as a Jedi-Balloonsabre master weapon. (I beat Ryan three out of three times!)

We went on the bumper cars, like, five times. I discovered I have road rage problems.

Brain meds + Uber-caffeine + Sugar overload = weeeeeird Hairball

I discovered I had my gun pointed backwards with five minutes on the clock during Laser Tag. I was WONDERING why I'd been getting hit with no one else in the room... Thank you, Rick. ._.

Deafening Nina and company on the Fright Walk.

Playing pool.

Ahhh, good times. I had a blast. It was the most fun I've had all year! Plus, Wednesday we went to the beach as an impromptu thing, and I was very proud of myself for being social. I had lots of fun... We buried Akira in the sand. He had to make the most undignified exit. Much tastiness.

Ahhh, what else? I might get to host a French kid this summer! --That reminds me, I need to write me pen-pal. Oho.

All right, you lazy bums. I'll talk to you later!



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May 13th, 2005

09:28 pm - Letter to Sara that ALL of you get to see, so I can embarass her. XD
Waah, I miss you so much.. It's like you vanished off the face of the earth! But I know you didn't, since I see your entries here... I'm not really involved in the things you mention, though, so I feel awkward commenting. Maybe I should call you. ^_^;

And I'm trying NOT to think this way, but I keep going, 'Oh, my God, it's because all I ever do is write with her, and I should ask more about what's going on in her life, or try to be interested in the same things...' But I'm sure that's not what you'd want, so I'm trying not to do it.

Okay, all done. ^_^;

Myoh. I went to Senior Day today and totally wore myself out being social. I hadn't really, uh, realised how much energy that took. XD It made me remember why I don't hang out after school and go home and play video games instead. I'm like the US--isolationist!

As I write this, I'm lost in Tomb of Unknown King. Curse you, lure of APful monsters and Cardable enemies! I'm basically dragging Squall's corpse around so the rest of my party can catch up with his level. XD I love the mental image... Especially since I named him Shine.

Heh... Rinoa dragging unconscious, enormous monk around by his ankles... I am teh amused.

Got a commission yesterday! My first in a long time. Whoo-hoo for money!! It's a girl in a big poofy dress for that sweet Muslim girl whose name I ALWAYS forget. I saw her at Senior Day today. She smiled and waved. I wish I could be that nice to everyone.

I could tell I was kinda getting on everyone's nerves, though. Blast you, Hairball! You never know when to turn it down a notch...

My dreams have gotten unbearable. I'm dreading taking my meds and going to sleep. Whine, whine, whine.

I have discovered a grudging respect for a Republican Congressman. That's a first. <---teh bigot Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, wins the doubtful prize.

Yeah, nothing much to say.


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May 7th, 2005

11:06 pm - This Sin has been sanitised.
This is in response to seeing 'The Laramie Project', which ended fifteen minutes ago:

I am saddened.
I am horrified.

Oh, God, Bobby, wherever you are tonight, please be safe. Please be sober.

I don't understand. Why must God hate? Why must anyone hate? I've felt rage, and the overwhelming desire to kill, but that was IDEAS, not PEOPLE. Even my parents; I've seen it now. I don't understand. I really don't. I don't know where you are, but I hope you're all safe, every one of you. No one is different. If you cut a black man, he bleeds red. If you cut a gay man, he bleeds red. If you cut a Jew, he bleeds red. If you cut me, I bleed red.

If you beat a gay man, he bleeds red.

He will also scream.

What is so wonderful about 'Live and let live'? 'Don't ask, don't tell'? I agree--it's 'Don't tell me you're a fag and I won't beat the living Hell out of you'. I am sickened; I am saddened.

And it is treated so lightly!

No, I will not change much. I cannot. I can try to do what I can, in my pixellated world. I can try to change minds; to educate and understand... Not hate... Such a hideous thing!

There is a quiet sort of horror, tonight. Something King or Lovecraft would never be able to dream. Something hideous and lurking, amorphous and seething, writhing and gnashing and screaming beneath the surface of your middle-class morality and your well-to-do-liberalism. This is 1984. If you stray from the hive mind, you are killed.

And what of my kind? When a woman says no, again and again to many men, to many women... My kind, who scream and wail at nothing and tear at our hair late at night when we are frozen, alone and in terror, waiting for the sun to rise? My kind, who walk a different way, speak a different way, wear suits and spats, and ties? Who will be next? It is cancerous--it spreads, passing from one generation to the next, in slang and thought. In the Bible. Soon it will want more. We can hate, but the hate keeps growing... Soon it will no longer be men who want men and women who kiss girls; it will be the women who say no, the 'frigid' ones, and the men who never go to bars...

Keep away from me! I am pure of mind!

I want to be....

...at least, I hope I will be.

And to you nameless, faceless ones in dark corners of the world... Rest In Peace.



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April 22nd, 2005

09:47 pm - Shine says: I DEMAND TEH GIRLIES!!!
So we'd all best do as he says.

Oh, my God, it's late and I haven't taken my meds. My head is pounding and throbbing and I can literally FEEL people shifting around for room in there. YECH.

I got a TB test today. I hope it comes out positive and I end up developing it... Moohah... Coughing up blood amuses me. Because I Am Insane.

I was reading At The Mountains Of Madness earlier... Oh, how I love H.P. Lovecraft. And Wolfsheim. My current favourite songs are 'Solitary' by VNV Nation, and 'This Is For Love' by Wolfsheim. <3. And the third, which is UNBELIEVABLY perky, is 'Electricity' by Apoptygma Berzerk.

See, I always wanted to be one of those people who likes the awesome rock bands no one knows. But then I realised that indie rock kinda... annoys me. I abandoned my dream (alas). And then I discovered VNVN! Oh, the joyous joy! Nobody in this state knows what synthpop is! Hell, nobody in this country! (NB: These statements have not been approved by the USFDA.) I love VNVN, though. They make me so happy. The thing is... None of these guys sings any more than three notes. It's sort of a drone. But that kinda adds to the total effect. So, if you haven't heard of them and are interested, I must warn you: There is no musical talent vocals-wise, and it's heavy trance in the background.

I must say, though, that any song that can incorporate solar electricity as the energy source of the future earns my respect.


Duncan was looking through me sketches yesterday at all the couples (hetero or otherwise) cuddling, and asked me: 'You're starved for affection, aren't you?'

Yeah, I guess I kinda am. I don't even realise it. Now I want a hug!!

Sunday with Eddie was... nerve-wracking. He drives well over 110 mph, does not use his turn signal whilst he weaves through lanes, was hungover, and had shroom chocolates in the back. If we'd been pulled over it would have been Good-Bye, Hairball's Nonexistent Social Life for the next Twenty Years! But, I don't think a cop COULD have kept up with us even if he had TRIED. And, for the love of all that's holy, not only were we going twice the speed limit, but he was RACING people. AIEEH.

Still, it was a lot of fun. The adrenaline was... interesting.

Oh, my God. I am in love with Laguna. He's SO ADORABLE. ::squeezemolest:: From FFVIII, right? He's so deliciously inept! And he shoots things. Come on, how awesome is that?

Which brings me to my current rant:

I'm playing Diablo II online, right? So, I have an assassin, and an amazon. And right away, I notice something about my brand-new amazon... She's wearing a loincloth. So was the assassin (hereafter referred to as 'Omna'), but as soon as you get the first armours on it gets a wee bit better. But I'm level eleven with this amazon, and what does she look like? She's fully armoured up top, and even has a HELM, and heavy boots and gloves, but she's wearing a chain-maille loincloth down below and THAT'S IT. Oh, puh-LEASE.

Lagunaaa... ::pines::

Been drawing. Yep. I drew Udara in boob-suspenders (heh, heh, Duncan) in Government AP yesterday during our West Wing viewing pleasure. It was amusing. She looks really mature, too! (It's not just the boob-suspenders.) Great, so my men are slowly turning into little girls, and my little girls are slowly turning into thirty-year-old powerbrokers? Argh.


Well, I'm going to my first funeral ever this weekend, for me Great-Aunt Marge.

Yeah, that should be interesting.

Uhmm... Ooh! I got my Prom dress last weekend. It matches my hair. X3 It's BLUE! With brilliant blue sparklies! It's a princess dress, too. XD My mom's thrilled because it's not black, and I'm tickled pink 'cause I got new silver jewlery to go with it.

My poor Tara isn't doing so well (John is!). She's got about ten new tumours starting in the lipid tissue, and a growth inside her ear, and poor eyesight, and back problems, hip problems, joint problems, and allergies, and had a humongous piece of plastic stuck in her gums which I totally had no idea existed. That dog is so expensive, but I love her. Taraaaa....!! You must get all better! And not get old!


Yeah, I think I'll go take my meds and go to bed. ::sigh::


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